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Lebo M Biography

Lebo M born Lebohang Morake, hails from South Africa and has made a notable mark as a producer and composer.

His talents shine through in his songwriting and vocal contributions to the soundtracks of iconic movies like The Lion King, The Power of One, and Outbreak, as well as various stage productions.

Lebo’s introduction to Disney came through a recommendation by Hans Zimmer, the composer for both versions of The Lion King. He played a pivotal role by assembling and leading the African choir that lent their voices to the film’s musical pieces.

Lebo M Age

Lebo was born in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa, on July 11, 1964 (currently 59 years old). His birth name is Lebohang Morake which he derived his stage name from.

Lebo M Height

Lebo’s height is 175cm, which is equivalent to 5 feet 9 inches.

Lebo M Family

Lebo has not revealed any information about his parents or siblings. We’ll notify you as soon as this information becomes available.

Lebo M Wife

For five years, Lebo was married to Viveca Gipson. He divorced her and married Nandi Ndlovu, with whom he was married for 11 years. From 2008 until 2013, he divorced Ndlovu and married Angela Ngani-Casara for five years. Lebo was engaged to Zoe Mthiyane, however the couple split up in 2016. He wedded Angela, his third wife, but they divorced again in 2017. He splits his time between Johannesburg and Los Angeles with his family. His daughter Refi is also a vocalist who frequently sings alongside him. Lebo proposed to current partner Pretty Samuels in April 2021.


  1. Viveca Gipson
  2. Nandi Ndlovu
  3. Angela Ngani-Casara,
  4. Zoe Mthiyane

Current Wife

  1. Pretty Samuels (although Lebo has already filled for divorce)


Lebo has seven biological children and two step children from his third wife.

  1. Zakiya Maroke
  2. Nthabiseng morake
  3. Refilwe Morake
  4. Tshepiso Morake
  5. Thembalethu Morake
  6. Letti Morake
  7. Lulo Morake

Lebo M Career

In 1979, Lebo embarked on a journey to expand his horizons. He boarded a bus bound for Maseru, Lesotho, lured by the prospect of a new club opening in the area. However, his arrival in Maseru coincided with the grip of the apartheid system, thrusting him into a state of exile. At the tender age of 15, he found himself employed as a singer at the Victoria Hotel in Lesotho.

It was during this time that his musical talents caught the attention of Lesotho’s Ambassador to the United States, Tim Thahane. Recognizing his potential, Thahane facilitated Lebo’s application to the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Through collaboration with the TransAfrica organization, arrangements were made to send the aspiring singer to the United States. Setting foot in New York initially, Lebo continued to ply his musical trade in restaurants and bars. The support of Black churches enabled him to pursue formal music education.

Entry to Hollywood

At 18, Lebo ventured to Los Angeles, a city of dreams, with aspirations of carving out a music career. However, life in Los Angeles was a struggle, marked by odd jobs to make ends meet while he studied at Los Angeles City College. His talents occasionally graced the stage at Memory Lane, a nightclub owned by Marla Gibbs.

Lebo’s trajectory took a significant turn when he was entrusted with the task of assembling a choir for the Oscars. This choir would perform music from the acclaimed film “Cry Freedom” (1987), which shed light on the struggles of South Africa under apartheid. The film garnered multiple Academy Award nominations, including one for Best Original Song.

A serendipitous encounter with a childhood friend, Solly Letwaba, proved pivotal. Letwaba, the bassist for Johnny Clegg, introduced Lebo to Hilton Rosenthal, the producer behind Clegg’s music. This connection led to Lebo’s role as an intern and assistant at Rosenthal’s production studio. Through Rosenthal, he crossed paths with Hans Zimmer, the composer of the film “The Power of One.” Following a discussion about creative ideas for the film’s soundtrack, Lebo became a co-writer and co-producer alongside Zimmer. His mastery of African rhythms enriched the soundtracks of other movies, including “Congo” (1995), “Outbreak” (1995), and “Born to be Wild” (1995).

In the early 1990s, with apartheid’s demise, Lebo made the decision to return to his homeland, South Africa.

The Lion King

A defining moment in Lebo’s career emerged with his involvement in Disney’s “The Lion King.” Summoned by Zimmer, Lebo contributed his voice and writing skills to the iconic Zulu chant that opens the movie. His contributions extended to the film’s sequel’s soundtrack, “Rhythm of the Pride Lands,” and its direct-to-video follow-up, “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.”

Their creative partnership yielded an abundance of music, prompting Disney to release an additional soundtrack album titled “Rhythm of the Pride Lands,” featuring supplementary compositions. The original soundtrack of “The Lion King,” featuring their collaborative work, earned them a Grammy Award. Zimmer’s outstanding work on the score earned him an Academy Award for Best Original Score. Lebo’s influence extended to “The Lion King” stage musical, where he participated in composing new music and incorporating pieces from “Rhythm of the Pride Lands.” This musical achievement garnered a nomination for Best Original Score at the 52nd Tony Awards in 1998.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Lebo established both the Lebo M Foundation and Till Dawn Entertainment. His musical prowess took center stage at the opening ceremony of the 24th World Scout Jamboree on July 23, 2019, where he delivered captivating performances of “Circle of Life” and “He Lives in You.”

Lebo M Net Worth

As of 2023, Lebo possesses an approximate net worth of 61.1 million.


Lebo M is set to end his marriage with Pretty Samuels-Morake after being together for a year.

Lebo, the producer of ‘The Lion King,’ has officially announced his intention to initiate divorce proceedings against his wife, businesswoman Pretty Samuels-Morake, according to a statement released to the media.

The details behind Morake and Samuels-Morake’s decision to end their one-year marriage remain unclear, as Morake’s statement refrains from delving into specific reasons.

“I will not engage in discussing sensational accusations or insinuations regarding my personal and professional life. The divorce will proceed as planned, and I have already engaged my legal representatives,” stated Lebo M.

Samuels-Morake, who holds the position of president at the Lebo M Foundation and was introduced to Morake through a mutual acquaintance, expressed surprise about the news of their separation.

“I am currently unaware of any separation; in fact, I am occupied with various responsibilities involving the children,” she conveyed. It’s worth noting that the couple does not have any children together.

“These revelations come as a complete surprise to me,” she further remarked.

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