Lizzo Net Worth, Sexual Harassment News, Bio, Age, Family, Career

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 Lizzo Net Worth, Sexual Harassment News, Bio, Age, Family, Career

Do you want to know about Lizzo’s net worth, career and the sexual harassment news trending now? Let us go through Lizzo biography and also learn about the reason why she is accused of sexual harassment as well as fat-shaming.

First, let us begin by understanding who Lizzo is, by knowing her name, when she was born, her family, education, and career.

Lizzo Biography

Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, is a multi-talented American singer, rapper, and songwriter who has taken the music industry by storm with her powerful voice, inspiring lyrics, and unapologetic personality. She has risen to prominence and become a role model for millions around the world. Let’s delve deeper into the life of this empowering superstar.

Lizzo Age

Born on April 27, 1988, in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., Lizzo is currently 35 years old as of 2023.

Lizzo Height

She boasts an impressive height, standing tall at 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Lizzo Family

Lizzo was born to a loving family in Detroit, Michigan. Her parents, Michael and Shari Johnson, were both very supportive of her passion for music from a young age. She has two siblings, a sister named Vanessa Jefferson and a brother named Chris Jefferson.

Lizzo Education

While Lizzo’s musical talents were evident early on, she also focused on her education. She attended the Alief Elsik High School in Houston, Texas, where she joined the marching band and played the flute. After high school, she pursued higher education at the University of Houston, where she studied music performance. Lizzo’s time at university allowed her to refine her musical skills and broaden her horizons.

Lizzo Career

Lizzo’s music career began in the early 2010s when she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. There, she joined forces with the musical groups, “Lizzo & the Larva Ink” and “The Chalice.” In 2013, she released her debut studio album titled “Lizzobangers,” which garnered critical acclaim and marked the beginning of her journey to success.

Her breakthrough came with the release of her third studio album, “Cuz I Love You,” in 2019. The album’s lead single, “Truth Hurts,” became a viral hit and earned her widespread recognition. Lizzo’s music combines various genres like hip-hop, R&B, and soul, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

During the year 2021, Lizzo made waves in the music industry with the release of her single “Rumors,” featuring the talented Cardi B. The track immediately soared into the top five of the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart, cementing Lizzo’s position as a formidable force in the music world. The following year, in 2022, she graced her fans with her fourth studio album titled “Special.” The album’s lead single, “About Damn Time,” reached an impressive milestone by claiming the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. This achievement made Lizzo the first Black female singer since Whitney Houston in 1994 to be honored with the prestigious Grammy Award for Record of the Year, marking a historic moment in her illustrious career.

Lizzo graced the stage of Saturday Night Live once again on December 17, 2022, marking her third appearance as a musical guest on the show. This time, the talented singer took the spotlight while Austin Butler hosted the event. Lizzo’s performance was particularly significant as she stepped in to replace the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who couldn’t make it due to member Nick Zinner’s unfortunate illness, pneumonia.

Apart from her musical endeavors, Lizzo is known for her body-positive advocacy and self-love messaging, which has resonated with fans worldwide. Her charismatic personality and empowering attitude have made her an icon for body acceptance and inclusivity.

Lizzo Net Worth

As of 2023, Lizzo’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $40 million. However, her financial standing might be growing due to her continuous musical achievements and brand endorsements.

Lizzo accused of sexual harassment as well as fat-shaming.

Pop star Lizzo is currently facing a lawsuit filed by three of her former dancers, Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez. The allegations in the legal action include charges of sexual harassment, religious and racial discrimination, creating a hostile work environment, assault, false imprisonment, and fat-shaming.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles, accuses Lizzo and others, including her dance captain and production company Big Grrrl Big Touring (BGBT), of subjecting the dancers to sexually denigrating behavior and pressuring them into participating in disturbing sex shows during the period from 2021 to 2023.

One of the specific claims against Lizzo, involves her allegedly pressuring Ms. Davis her former dancer, to touch the breasts of a performer at a nightclub in Amsterdam. After resisting, Ms. Davis reportedly acquiesced out of fear that refusing might jeopardize her future with the team.

The singer, known for promoting body positivity and self-love, is also accused, along with dance choreographer Tanisha Scott, of weight-shaming Ms. Davis during the tour. The lawsuit details that Lizzo and Ms. Scott questioned whether Ms. Davis was “struggling with something” as she appeared less committed to her role on the dance cast, insinuating that her weight gain was the reason.

As of now, Lizzo and the other parties involved in the lawsuit have been approached for comment, but the singer has not yet publicly responded to the allegations. The case remains to be tested in court, and the situation is closely being monitored by the public and media alike.

The case involves allegations against the production company BGBT, which includes claims of mistreatment towards the dance cast during Lizzo’s tour. The dancers, mostly full-figured women of color, assert that they were scolded for unspecified “unacceptable and disrespectful” behavior, but feel this treatment was charged with racial and fat-phobic animus. They claim that the questions asked of them made them feel the need to explain their weight gain and disclose intimate personal details to keep their jobs.

The case further accuses the dance team’s captain, Shirlene Quigley, of pushing her Christian beliefs onto performers and mocking those engaged in premarital sex. Furthermore, there have been allegations against her for openly discussing a former dancer’s virginity and publicly sharing it on social media platforms. Racial discrimination accusations are directed at BGBT’s management team, claiming that black members of the dance troupe were treated differently and subjected to harmful stereotypes.

Additionally, the plaintiffs claim they were not fairly compensated during parts of Lizzo’s European tour, receiving only 25% of their weekly pay during non-performance periods, while others received 50%. They were also allegedly prohibited from working on other projects during the tour.

Two of the three dancers involved met Lizzo in March 2021 during preparations for a reality TV show, while the third joined in May 2021 for a music video and remained part of the dance troupe. The two who initiated the legal action were fired, while the third resigned due to the alleged mistreatment of her colleagues.

Lizzo, the superstar singer known for hits like Truth Hurts, About Damn Time, Juice, Good As Hell, and 2 Be Loved, has faced criticism for changing derogatory lyrics and is now facing these allegations from former dancers. The BBC has reached out to Lizzo and the production company for comment on the matter.

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