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Shaimaa Khalil Bio, Wiki

Shaimaa Khalil is an Egyptian-British journalist who serves as an Australian correspondent for BBC News since November 2019. She previously worked for BBC News as a Pakistan correspondent.

Shaimaa Khalil Age

Being a very private person Shaimaa has managed to keep details of her age off the limelight. We will be sure to update you once this information is available to us.

Shaimaa Khalil Height

Her actual height has yet to be revealed, but it will be updated as soon as her body measurements are released.

Shaimaa Khalil Family

Khalil is a very private person when it comes to her personal details. Thus she has not disclosed any details on her family. We will be sure to update you once this information is available to us.

Shaimaa Khalil Husband

Khalil was raised in a military family in Egypt. Her late father and grandfather also served in the military.

Due to health issues, her father, a lieutenant colonel in the army, had to retire early. Khalil recalled, “My first memories are of father picking me up and dropping me off from school in his uniform.

“I recall he commanded such a great deal of respect from everyone around him,” she continued. His assured personality, in my opinion, played a major role, although I’m sure the costume also played a part. My father was really rigid as well.

His father passed away at Alexandria’s biggest military hospital, the same hospital he was treated when he had his first heart attack. However, not much is known about her mother as he has kept her off the limelight.

Shaimaa Khalil Education

She received a Master’s in Broadcast Journalism from Westminister University in 2007.

Shaimaa Khalil Career

Award-winning journalist Khalil has been with the BBC for more than ten years. She was hired as the Middle East Regional Editor for the BBC World Service in 2012. Khalil covered the Middle East extensively during the Arab Spring, particularly from her native Egypt, where she produced a radio documentary series titled “Egypt’s Challenge” that examined the state of her nation’s society, politics, and economics during the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule.

She has since covered the Middle East extensively, including Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Jordan. She was chosen to be the principal presenter for the morning news show “Newsday” on BBC World Service Radio in 2013.

In 2014, Shaimaa was chosen to serve as the BBC’s Pakistan Correspondent for two years. During her time there, she covered some of the most significant news events, including the Peshawar school shooting. During that time, she also reported from nearby Afghanistan. She was named the year’s International Radio Personality of the Year by the AIB.

Shaimaa contributed to a BBC crew that covered the beginning of the military operation to drive ISIS out of Mosul in 2016. She was also a prominent broadcaster during the 2016 US Elections.

Shaimaa is one of the main presenters on “Newsday,” the largest breakfast news program in the world and a part of the BBC World Service. Since November 2019, she has served as the Australia reporter for BBC News.

Shaimaa Khalil Detained

When Shaimaa was reporting on the Arab Spring in her native Egypt in August 2011, the military detained her in Tahrir Square.

She stated on Twitter before being arrested, “Someone has told me that they detain anyone who is shooting pictures.”

She was taken to the prosecution to undergo questioning. Khalil spent the night in custody, but was eventually let out.

Shaimaa Khalil Sexual Harassments

Shaimaa wrote about her first encounter with harassment as a young Egyptian child on October 29, 2017. Soon after turning 11, there is one particular day that I will never forget. At my grandparents’ house, I was given the opportunity to embark on my first journey alone with a cousin and her companion. It was the first time I’d been given permission to do so.

“I felt both elated and uneasy. If I wanted to have a shot at ever becoming independent, this had to go well.

We hadn’t known we were being followed in the crowded summer streets of Alexandria. Three boys, however, who were trailing us, began to collide with us. Then one of them touched me inappropriately. Walking as quickly as possible ahead as my cousin and her friend tried to catch up was all I could do to get away from our captors. Yet they persisted in pursuing us.

“The three of us sprinted back toward my grandparents’ home while holding hands. Immediately behind were the lads. harassing us right now verbally. I felt angry as well as terrified. They had destroyed my wonderful day, these boys. I shouted, “Kifaya!” as I turned around. Enough!”

Shaimaa Khalil Salary

Her annual salary is estimated to range between $ 100,000 – $ 500,000.

Shaimaa Khalil Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of between $1 Million – $5 Million which she has earned through her career as a journalist.


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