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Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity Bio, Wiki

Hannity is an American journalist who serves as a political commentator, talk show host and an author. He hosts The Sean Hannity Show, which is a nationally syndicated talk radio show. Also on Fox News, he hosts a commentary program known as Hannity.

Sean Hannity Age

Hannity was born on 30th December 1961 in New York City, New York. He is 60 years old as of 2021.

Sean Hannity Height

Hannity boasts of a height of 5.9 feet.

Sean Hannity Family

Hannity is the son of Lillian a stenographer at a county jail and a corrections officer and Hugh Hannity, a World War II veteran and family-court officer. He is the youngest of his four siblings and the only boy.

Sean Hannity Wife

Hannity was married to Jill Rhodes from 1993 to 2019 . The two met in 1991 when he worked at WVNN in Huntsville, Alabama. By then, she was the political columnist for Huntsville Times. In 1993, they married. The couple announced their divorce in June 2020, but they had been apart for some years. Since then, he’s been dating Ainsley Earhardt, a colleague. From a remote studio in the basement of Hannity’s Long Island estate, Ainsley delivers her Fox & Friends show.

Sean Hannity Children

Hannity has two children with Rhodes, a son named Patrick who was born in 1998 and a daughter, Merri who was born in 2001. Both of them are graduates of Cold Spring Harbor High School. Patrick attended Wake Forest University. While there, he played tennis. Merri also plays tennis at The University of Michigan where she attends.


Hannity attended Hempstead, New York’s Sacred Heart Seminary. He also went to Uniondale, New York’s St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary. He went to Adelphi University and New York University for his university degree. He did not, however, receive a diploma from one of them.

Sean Hannity Career

Hannity launched a house-painting business in 1982. He worked as a building contractor in Santa Barbara, California a few years later. He presented his first talk radio show while working as a general contractor at UC Santa Barbara’s volunteer college station, KCSB-FM. This occurred in 1989. The show was generally on the air for 40 hours. He admitted that his first show was bad and that he was not good at it.

Sean Hannity Radio

Hannity’s weekly show on KCSB was canceled after a controversy. This happened after less than a year of airing. This followed after a campaign conducted by American Civil Liberties Union argued that the KCSB station had discriminated against Hannity’s First Amendment rights. Later, the station refused to issue Hannity a public apology and more airtime. As a result, he did not return to KCSB. He placed an advertisement in radio publications, where he presented himself as the most talked-about college radio host in America. After that, Radio station WVNN which is in Athens, Alabama, hired him to be the host in the afternoon talk show. Later in 1992, he moved to WGST in Atlanta where he filled the slot vacated by Neal Boortz who had moved to WSB.

Sean Hannity Fox News

Hannity was hired In September 1996 by Fox News co-founder Roger Ailes, to host a television program under the working title Hannity and LTBD. However, he left WGST for New York and substituted WABC’s afternoon drive time during the Christmas week.

Sean Hannity WABC

Hannity was offered the late-night time slot and was put on the air full-time at WABC in January 1997. From January 1998, he worked on WABC’s afternoon time slot. That slot continued until the end of 2013.
Since 2014 January, he has hosted the 3–6 p.m. time slot on WOR which is in New York City.

Sean Hannity Books

Hannity has written author three books. The first one, published in 2002 is called Let “Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism”. The second one, published in 2004, (through ReganBooks) is known as “Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism”. He wrote his third book, “Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda”, released by HarperCollins in March 2010. It was known as. All these books are considered as New York Times best-selling books.

Sean Hannity Salary

Hannity’s annual income as of 2018 was $36 million.

Sean Hannity Net Worth

He has a net worth of approximately 80 million US Dollars.


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