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Parker Schnabel Bio, Wiki

Parker Schnabel is a two-fold force, reality TV star, and gold miner. He is known for being a star of the Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush”.

He’s turned his mining expertise into a successful reality TV career and various business ventures.

Parker Schnabel Age

Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska, United States. He is currently 29 years old.

Parker Schnabel Height

Schnabel is reported to be 5 feet 9 inches tall. That’s roughly 175 centimeters.

Parker Schnabel Family

Schnabel comes from a family where gold mining is practically a tradition.

Parents and Brother

Roger Schnabel: Schnabel’s father doesn’t work directly in gold mining. He owns a construction company. They’ve even made appearances on “Gold Rush” alongside Parker.

Nancy Schnabel: Schnabel’s mother doesn’t seem to be directly involved in the mining or construction businesses. There’s not much information publicly available about her specific profession.

Payson Schnabel: Schnabel has a brother named Payson. Unlike Schnabel, Payson works in their father’s construction company, managing important tasks like infrastructure systems and data analysis.

Schnabel’s grandfather, John Schnabel, also known as “Big John,” was a legendary gold miner who inspired Schnabel’s passion for the industry. John started mining later in life but instilled his knowledge and love for the work in Parker from a young age, with Schnabel even starting to work at the family mine in Alaska at just five years old.

Parker Schnabel Girlfriend

Schnabel is currently single since there have been no confirmations from him about being in a relationship. He did have a public relationship in the past with Ashley Youle, an Australian veterinarian nurse, but that ended some time ago.

Parker Schnabel Career

Schnabel’s career is a unique blend of reality TV fame and a lifelong passion for gold mining. Fueled by a family legacy, Schnabel’s journey began at a young age.

At just five years old, he was already by his grandfather’s side, John Schnabel, a legendary Alaskan gold miner nicknamed “Big John.” Working at his grandfather’s Big Nugget Mine instilled a deep love for the industry in Parker. He honed his skills and learned the ropes under Big John’s mentorship.

Following his grandfather’s passing, Parker took over the Big Nugget Mine at the young age of 16. This experience propelled him into the spotlight when he landed a starring role on Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” in 2010. The show documented the highs and lows of various gold mining operations, and Parker quickly emerged as a fan favorite.

“Gold Rush” not only showcased Parker’s expertise but also provided a launchpad for his entrepreneurial ventures. He capitalized on his newfound fame to establish businesses beyond mining, including companies that sell mining equipment and even Parker Schnabel-branded merchandise. In January 2023, he took another step forward, partnering with a mining corporation to expand his operations. Parker Schnabel’s career continues to evolve, but one thing remains constant: his dedication to the gold mining industry.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Schnabel’s net worth is likely somewhere around $8 million which he has earned through reality TV and mining Eernings.

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