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Lisa Millar Biography

Lisa Millar is an Australian television news presenter and journalist who co-hosts ABC’s News Breakfast alongside Michael Rowland.

Lisa Millar Age

She was born on 19 February 1969 in Gympie, Queensland, Australia. She is 53 years old as of 2022.

Lisa Millar Height

Her current standing is 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

Lisa Millar Family

Lisa is the daughter of Percival Clarence Millar (father) who was the National Party MP and Dorothy Millar(mother). Her father died on 28 November 2017 aged 92. Her father inspired her recent book due to his aviation career.

Since his death, Clarrie Millar has been recognized as a Federal Wide Bay Fellow for his service to the country and his sincere attitude toward public life. Lisa went on to share the most personal side of his Dad, and why her parents deserve credit for the journalist she is today.

On 6 Dec 2017, she wrote: “Dad was the self-proclaimed president of the Lisa Millar Cheer Squad. He laughed when my first line of verse in the Gympie Times in 1988 was about lice infestation in schools? No. I was so proud.

I never had to call Dad to tell him about an article in the newspaper or a story on the television news. He would refuse to be anywhere except in front of the TV at 7:00 p.m. M. “Just in case Lisa has a story.”

I wanted to be a journalist at a young age. There is a tape in which I sing the ABC news theme and interview my little sister. Dad found it remarkable that at the tender age of seven he learned to interfere and cut someone off when he felt they were not answering the question.”

Lisa Millar Siblings

Lisa has four siblings. The oldest brother is 70 years of age, and her most youthful sister is 48 years of age.

Lisa Millar Husband

Lisa announced she is single and happy. Previously she had been married to journalist Sid Maher. She detailed the loss of her marriage to her demanding career.

Lisa told the Daily Mail publication on TV Week that she was with a Frenchman in Washington, D.C., for seven years. ‘He moved to London with me, but then we struck a couple of years in Europe where it was just so challenging, with all these terrorist attacks and then my dad dying.’ Explaining that she’s moved on, Lisa proclaimed: ‘Now I’m single, and I feel pretty happy about life!’

Lisa Millar Daughter

Millar has a daughter named Harper May and she fought for her custody.

Lisa Millar Clothes

Lisa was attacked by a person online due to her clothes during a press activity in Paris according to

Lisa Millar Fasting

Speaking to Amanda Smith, on she had this to say, ”I am soo inconsistent. This week I can tell you I have gone for a 45 walk each day and that’s it. Other weeks hopefully I fit in a tennis lesson. I am crazily addicted to exercise doing a half marathon, triathlons.” She doesn’t know what makes her go on those roller-coasters of exercise. She terms herself inconsistent.

Lisa Millar Weight Loss

During an interview with Amanda Smith, Lisa said she does her exercises for weight loss and to keep sober but is very inconsistent.

Lisa Millar ABC News

Lisa began her career as a reporter for ABC’s North Queensland bureau. Following that, she served in the Federal Press Gallery in Canberra, particularly during the 1996 Federal Election campaign when John Howard became Prime Minister.

Moreover, she covered the emergence and fall of Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party during her term as ABC’s state political reporter. Lisa also worked for ABC Radio in Queensland and was a regular journalist for 702 ABC Sydney on Queensland topics.
As a result of covering the story that led to Vivian Solon’s discovery in the Philippines, she received the Walkley Award for Investigative Journalism in 2005.

Finally, in July 2009, she became ABC’s North American Bureau Chief.

Lisa Millar Book: Daring to Fly

Millar has signed a book deal with Hachette Australia namely Daring to Fly: The TV star on facing fear and finding joy on a deadline by Lisa Millar.

She portrays the stories and challenges she has faced from her formative years at regional media outlets to report on the best and worst of humanity at home and abroad.

Lisa Millar Aboriginal

Lisa is not aboriginal. Nevertheless, she conducted an interview with Darren Chester where she recognized and celebrated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

She identified them as the First Peoples of Australia and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

Lisa Millar Salary

Millar is currently paid between $60,240 to $104,521.

Lisa Millar Networth

Lisa has a net worth is estimated at $300,000.

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